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Brad Appleton's Stretching and Flexibility: Free online book covers physiology, flexibility, types of stretches, and techniques.

David Holt's Stretching and Flexibility: A long-distance runner describes how to stretch the leg muscles correctly.

e-Stretch: e-stretch has been helping to prevent RSI since 1997. Let it help you RIGHT NOW

Extratv: Lotte Berk: If you're still stuck with thick glasses while your friends have moved onto contacts, there's good news. It's an experimental new lens that corrects vision problems from the inside out. “Extra’s” Dayna Devon has an eye-opening Rxtra on lens implants.

Lisa Balbach's Stretching Exercises: Instructions from a certified aerobics instructor.

Movin with Marty: One-page article on how to stretch properly.

Stretching for Tai Chi Chuan and Wu Shu: Good stretching advice for practitoners of the martial arts.

The Bar Method: The Bar Metho exercise system creates a uniquely lean, firm, sculpted body by reshaping and elongating muscles while maintaining an intense pace that burns fat and increases stamina.

Thomas Kurz's Column: Tom Kurz's articles on sports training blow away misconceptions on stretching and flexibility and teach high kicks and splits with no warm-up

What is Flexibility and Why Should I Care?: Concise essay on this topic by a personal trainer and professional athlete.

Your Body is Unique: Article about the Lotte Berk method, at

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