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The Posture Page: Comprehensive information about several varied approaches to achieving an easy, flexible upright posture. Many useful links.

Word: A physical therapist takes a look at posture from the point of view of the Alexander Technique

Adults and Children: Alexander Technique : information for adults and children

Balanced Seating Posture on Forward Sloping Chair: A.C.Mandal.MD. Sitting on a forward sloping seat will reduce the flexion, tension and pain of your back. This sitting position approaches the balanced sitting posture of a horserider

Body Stress Release: Body Stress Release - UK is a website promoting this new technique from South Africa to help the body heal itself.

Body Zone: integrates chiropractic, massage, yoga and posture exercise, to help you move, feel and be well.

Correct Posture: Analysis of what constitutes good posture, and how to achieve it.

Correcting Faulty Posture: Comprehensive posture information from a chiropractic point of view.

Posture Inside: Buddhist and Taoist training programs for developing good posture.

The Effects of Posture on Learning: Implications from the Alexander Technique: Study of children's posture done at Leeds University in England.

Walking Technique and Form: Information and articles on exercises, stretching, fitness walking techniques, posture, injury prevention, marathon training - Come Walk With Us!

What's Wrong with the Chair: Sitting and the New Ergonomics: An analysis of postural problem caused by most chairs and how better chair design can help.

Zazen Posture: Zen talk on zazen meditation posture

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