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Drug Store News: Telepharmacy takes pharmacists online off-site: 'Telepharmacy takes pharmacists online off-site - Pharmacy Annual Report - Some pharmacies are piloting telepharmacy systems' from Drug Store News in Health & Fitness provided free by LookSmart Find

IngentaConnect: Can telepharmacy provide pharmacy services in the bush?: Journal article reports on a six-month study of videophone usage to provide pharmacy services in the remote areas of Australia.

North Dakota Telepharmacy Project: Site shows information about the activities of the Technology Fee Advisory Committee and projects funded

Telemedicine Report: Telepharmacy project expands students' practice experience: Newsletter article: Pharmacy students at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock are now learning about telemedicine as a tool to deliver pharmacy services to a rural community.

TTU Health Science Center Analysis of Potential Telepharmacy Sites in Rural Areas of Texas, 2002: Map of telepharmacy candidates, remote clinic candidates, existing institutional or community pharmacies, 10-mile buffers around rural pharmacies, counties in metropolitan statistical areas, counties outside MSAs, major highways, and health science center service limits.

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