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About Birth Control: What You Need to Know: Before you consider having sex, you need to know how to protect yourself. Read this article to get the basics on birth control.

Allexperts Birth Control Questions and Answers: About AllExperts: expert guidance from real people helping to answer your questions

AnnRose's Ultimate Birth Control Links: Links to many methods of Birth Contol methods including: birth control pills, abstinence, breastfeeding, cervical cap, condoms diaphragm, emergency pill, hormonal implants, hormonal injections, iud, male birth control, family planning, hormonal patch, rhythm method, vaginal ring, spermicide, sp...

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals - Contraception Glossary: Definitions for words encountered when reading about contraception.

Birth Control: Planned Parenthood offers health information about birth control

Birth Control / Family Planning: The Health Connection, Calgary Regional Health Authority. Birth control information, condoms and diaphragms, I.U.D, tubal ligation, vasectomy.

Birth Control at Suite101: ,Learn about the varity of birth control options available now. Find out what the future may hold and visit the past to see what has been used in days long gone. - dewey decimal 613.94363.96

Birth Control Choices: Planned Parenthood offers health information about birth control

Birth Control Contraceptives Choices: Birth control options and information for women. Covers types of birth control such as the birth control pill, the birth control patch, and other contraceptive choices. Includes birth control benefits and side effects, and other birth control information.

Birth Control Guide: Discusses use and failure rates of condoms, the pill, depo-provera, and natural methods, and includes a question and answer bulletin board. Also provides instructions for condom use and fertility charting.

Birth Control Methods: Welcome to Public Health - Seattle & King County

Birth Control Survey Results: Results of an international survey of preferred birth control methods conducted by Roper Starch Worldwide.

CBCA: Birth Control: A guide to contraceptive methods available in Canada.

Choosing a Birth Control Method: Interactive online questionnaire, supported by extensive information about contraceptive methods, guides women or men through the decision process. From Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.

Choosing a Contraceptive: Emory University School of Medicine - GYN-OB Department - Family Planning Division

Contraception: The Global Reproductive Health Forum at Harvard (GRHF) aims to encourage the proliferation of critical, democratic discussions about reproductive health, reproductive technologies, reproductive rights, and gender on the net.

Contraception: Contraception, an International journal provides a medium for the rapid advances and new knowledge in all areas of fertility control. Manuscripts are received from researchers and clinicians in the following areas of research: chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, endocrinolog...

Contraception factsheet from BUPA: All types of contraception can be reliable, but the effectiveness of some methods depends on using them properly - BUPA health factsheet

Contraception Online: Contraception Online provides contraceptive and reproductive health information and research for obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) professionals. Developed by Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, Contraception Online also provides free CME credit (continuing medical education) via an on... Organon International, manufacturer of oral contraceptives, hormonal implants, and vaginal rings, provides information about these and other methods of contraception.

Contraceptive Guide: Methods of birth control currently available, with cost, failure rate, correct usage, advantages, and disadvantages of each, Methods of birth control currently available, with cost, failure rate, correct usage, advantages, and disadvantages of each

Contraceptive Methods: Information on the currently available male and female contraceptive methods, including reference material and training tools, such as presentation graphics with trainer notes.

Contraceptive Research and Development (CONRAD) Program: Objective is development of new or improved contraceptive methods that are safe, effective, acceptable, and suitable for use in the US and developing countries. Donnica Moore, M.D., provides thorough women's health information. Topics include menopause, hormone replacement therapy, osteoporosis, migraine, headache, birth control, infertility, heart disease, breast cancer, thyroid disease, fibroids, sexuality and wellness.

eMedicine Health - Pregnancy and Reproduction: Pregnancy and Reproduction

Family Health International: FHI is a nonprofit international organization, managing research and field activities in more than 70 countries in the areas of HIV/AIDS and reproductive health, including family planning, to meet the public health needs of some of the world's most vulnerable people.

Family Planning: Information contraception, choosing the right contraceptive method for you, and information about no-scalpel vasectomy.

Feminist Women's Health Center: Birth-Control-Comparison.Info provides empowering pro-choice information comparing various methods of birth control available in the United States. Covers birth control, feminism, contraception, menstruation, family planning, HIV, emergency contraception. Your questions and answers. And persona...

Healthlink - Update on Contraception: Traditional, Barrier and Surgical Methods: The choice of birth control depends on a variety of factors, but options are available to suit most lifestyles.

Male Contraception Using Testicular Heating: Results from the literature and from self-experimentation on the use of testicular heating as a birth control method.

Male Contraceptives: Information about a dozen experimental male contraceptives, and how you can encourage more research. We're not talking about condoms or vasectomies...

MedlinePlus: Birth Control: Birth Control

Ortho Women's Health: Learn more about women's health, birth control, stds, vaginal infections and utis at Ortho Women's Health.

Region VIII Family Planning Training: Region VIII Family Planning Training Project, provided by JSI Research & Training Institute. Provides women's health and reproductive health information.

SavonHealth: A comprehensive birth control information site.

Sexuality and Contraception When Approaching Menopause: The phase leading up to menopause can be a time of great change in a woman's life. During this period a woman experiences a number of physical changes and may review how she feels about herself and her body. It is also a time when a woman may wish to re-evaluate her form of contraception due ...

SoYouWanna pick a method of birth control?: Review of primary methods of birth control.

The Whole Truth About Contraception: A Guide to Safe and Effective Choices (1997): Book-length report covers barrier and hormonal methods, intrauterine devices, surgical sterilization, and other approaches such as the rhythm method and breastfeeding as a contraceptive. Issued by National Academy Press.

Virtual Guide to Contraception: General information and fact sheets about the full range of family methods available in Ireland.

Young Womens Health: Contraception and Birth Control: Providing education, clinical care, research, and health care information for adolescent girls and young women

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